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The perforated polypropylene sheet family can be classfied into PP sheet,modified PP sheet,fiberglass PP sheet and PP welding rods.
Compared with other perforated plastic sheets,the polypropylene sheet is low density and easy to be welded and made into other finished products.
The perforated PP sheet has good toughness and impact and vibration resistance.It is tasteless and nonpoisonous and harmless and it is the most popular engineering material which meets the environmental protection standard.
The popular color of perforated plastic sheet is white and other colors are available if the quantity reaches certain level.
The perforated plastic sheet(perforated PP sheet) is mainly used in acidproof alkali equipments,environmental protection equipments,waster water and exhaust gas treatment equipments,washing tower and other plastic water tank.

The fiberglass PP sheet is the PP sheet which adds about 20% of fiberglass,by doing so,the strength aand rigidity can be increased greatly. And it has good heat resistance, low temperature impact resistance, corrosion resistance and arc resistance, low shrinkage rate. It is particularly applicable to chemical industry,chlor alkali,oil,dyes, pesticides,food,medicine,light industry,metallurgy,water treatment and other fields.

The perforated plastic sheet includes perforated PP sheet,perforated PVC sheet and perforated PE/HDPE sheet.The thickness of our perforated plastic sheet is 1mm to 20mm or even thicker.By using CNC perforating machine,the perfored sheet can be in various kinds hole diameter and hole center distance and therefore we can get various kinds of opening rate which is impora*** for water and air filteration.

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