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In perforation industry, one of the most important data is the opening rate or open area of perforated sheets including perforated plastic sheet and perforated metal sheet.The perforated sheet can be punched into different hole patterns such as round hole,square holes,slotted holes etc. No matter what kind of it is,we can always calculate the open rate.
The open area is a ratio that reflects how much of the sheet is occupied by holes, normally expressed by percent. For example, if the open area of the perforated sheet is 30%, it means that 30% of the sheet is holes and 70% of the sheet is material.
The Perforated sheet is usually used for air and liquid filteration especially that that the perforated plastic sheet can be used in acid liquid in order to resist the corrision. Therefore,the open rate is very important.Another important function of open area is that it can help us to design the pattern of the sheet,some users may not know the hole size and the hole spacing
of the perforated sheet,but they might know the opening rate, then we can suggest the two datas according to the thickness of the plastic sheet or the metal sheet.

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